Now what kind of blog would this be without a name that makes no sense without a written explanation?

Type-3 refers to a Type III Kardashev civilization, which describes a civilization that is able to utilize all of the resources in their galaxy. Type II's would be bound to a solar system, and Type I's are just planetary. Generously, Type I describes us now. If things go well (or for a small subset of things going poorly) we could become a Type III - or even expand beyond the Milky Way, into the entire affectable universe!

Telemetry is the location and sensor data that satellites transmit back to the ground station. More broadly, it can be used to refer to any sort of electronic data transfer... like, for example, this sentence to you.

In short (in long), I mean "Type-3 telemetry" as a spicy shorthand for "information about humanity's future in space."

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